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Elke and Patrick on Big Islan, Hawaii, December 2014We are very pleased that you have found your way to our homepage. This is the English version of our long established German travel page. Since English however is not our native tongue please accept our apologies for any errors in translation.

What is the intention of this homepage and when was it introduced? What can you expect on our pages? What should you rather not expect? At this point we will try to answer these questions and everything else we consider as important.

What is the issue here?

On these pages we publish trip reports of our holiday trips. We love travelling all over the world, and we want to share our experiences with others. Here you can find trip reports dealing with following countries: USA, South Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece and Croatia.

Since when are we doing that?

Our first common holiday trip was in 1984. The more we travelled the more difficult it was in the course of time to remember details of each individual trip. So we started to note our experiences in a few words. Later then the idea was born to write detailed travelogues and publish them complemented by our pictures on the internet. End of 2000 the great moment had arrived: our homepage went online and the first travelogue was published. What started as a small project has grown to a quite extensive private travel page during the following decade.

In 2011 the English version of our homepage has been introduced and the first travelogue (Costa Rica) has been translated into English. As our time allows the other reports will follow.

What can you expect from our trip reports?

Our trip reports are experiences reports. They describe our personal experiences and feelings. Of course these are subjective impressions. Things we like other people might not like at all. We cannot and do not want to replace a guidebook. Instead, our intention is to provide as much useful information as possible and to help our readers to plan their own trip.

Do you think this is for you?

We are individualists. We plan and organize our holiday trips by ourselves. At our travel destination we normally travel independently by car or camper. Therefore package tour travellers will derive little benefit from our pages. We have also never been backpackers travelling in public buses and sleeping in low budget accommodations. People who prefer this form of travel may not expect to find information for their special needs here.

More or less text, more or less pictures?

Myriad travelogues are competing on the internet. But there are many good examples of what not to do. There are trip reports consisting almost of pictures but no text. The information content is almost zero. Or there travelogues providing a lot of text but only few or even no pictures. Although that may be quite informative, the reader simply will miss pictures illustrating the text. Other reports are often boring because of its long-winding descriptions.

As so often the art lies in finding a golden mean. This is what we try, and the feedback we receive makes us hope that we are quite successful in this endeavour.  Pictures are very important to give the reader some idea of our experiences.
But we are no passionate photographers, and we don’t carry tons of cameras and equipment. So it is not our intention to satisfy professional expectations as far as our pictures are concerned.

We also do not want to overload our reports with pictures. Text and pictures should complement each other and form a reasonable balance. At this occasion we ask for your understanding that the older reports contain less and smaller pictures. At the time these reports were prepared all pictures circuitously had to be scanned and keep small because of slow and expensive internet access. The technical development by means of digital photography and high speed internet fortunately had a positive effect on the image processing of our travelogues since 2003.

Why is there no advertising on our pages?

The answer is very simple: advertising is peeving. We do not understand why more and more private homepages are packed with banner ads and advertising links. What’s the point of that? We run our homepage just for the fun of it, and not because we want to make money. Our web presence costs us less than 100 € a year. Therefore we see no need at all to annoy our visitors with advertising to cover our costs.

Does it make sense to run a guestbook?

That’s really a good question. In January 2011 our German pages had 4.696 visitors. Only 4 of them signed our guestbook. Not even 1 of 1000. That’s really not much, we have to admit.

However, precisely because only very few visitors write in our guestbook we are even more pleased about every entry. So over the years until today after all we could count about 700 entries in our guestbook. So it was definitely worthwhile.

Besides the guestbook we are of course also pleased with the feedback we get by e-mail. We have also met some of our visitors personally, and we have even made friends. That’s what a private homepage can be good for!